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Homes - Build, Factory-built or Renovate? 

Choose a new home or renovate your current home. What is best for your family?                                                     

Choosing a home for your family is one of the most important decisions you'll make. Don't only consider a re-sale home as building or choosing to renovate could be the right answer! Make an informed choice with the largest resource of Builders and Renovators in Canada - we're dubbed 'the builders mls'.

When choosing a builder, a conversation on your needs, wants and budget for building is as important as checking a builders' references. Find information on selecting a builder  and ‘Questions To Ask A Builder' when considering to design build or renovate your home. Your builder will work closely with you through-out the building process, it's wise to put extra effort into choosing the right builder.

Newly-built Homes
When deciding from a pool of newly built homes ensure you have the best builder and to help you the CHBA and the CMHC have good information on why build new, trends in building and can you afford to build. 
Many builders have show homes completed or choose a lot to design build on. 

With a large number of renovators in the market, it's important to do your homework before deciding on a renovator to renovate and build your home. Read this article 'Advice from Renovators' and when you are looking to renovate visit the CHBA website for tips and advice such as 'What is a Professional Renovator', What to look for in a Renovator', 'Interviewing Renovators' and tips on what it cost to renovate, planning to renovate and other topics to consider before talking to a renovator. Your renovator will work closely with you through-out the building process, it's wise to put extra effort into choosing the right renovator.
Browse the builder, renovator and property listings to compare home choices. Will you:
 look through the newest neighbourhood homes, 
design build your dream home, or
consider a factory-built home.

Thinking to renovate or design build? 

Learn about industry initiatives such as Green Building through logo links on Builders' and Renovators' listings when considering to renovate or build. 

Have you considered a factory-built home?

Ready to invest in your first home? Looking to accommodate a growing family? Planning your retirement home? Explore the advantages of factory-built homes. Factory-built homes offer high quality at competitive prices, great living comfort and the latest in style and state-of-the-art technology. Factory-built homes can be a custom design for your specific needs - your factory-built home builder can build anything from a simple cottage to a large home!

Consider factory-built whether you want to build:

 on your own lot,
 on a leased lot,
 a carriage home on a laneway,
 in the countryside, the suburbs or city.

A factory-built home can be the perfect choice! Talk to your factory-built home builder to learn more. 

When building in established neighbourhoods, factory-built homes are ideal - less bother for your new neighbours! Factory-building is a preferred choice for a growing number of homebuyers, and for developers and traditional builders who are teaming up with housing manufacturers to offer their customers the best in building technology and community development. Factory-built homes are great when weather can be a factor as all building takes place in-doors. 

Check out the factory-built home builder in your area by searching through our 'custom builders'.

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