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Real Estate Listing Pricing and Terms

  • Join our national real estate marketing system™ featuring New Home Builders and Renovators.
  • List new projects, resale homes, custom built homes and renovators' recent projects. Contact us by email to karen ( *AT* ) newhomeorrenovate . com **
  • All listings are FREE.
  • Listing are reserved spaces - change all information anytime during the term of the listing. Terms from 1 month up to one year.
  • Please contact us for more information.

** Contact us by email to karen ( AT ) newhomeorrenovate . com. Please note that due to a high level of email spam, you must be in our database of builders for us to receive your email, if we do not reply, please contact by phone. Thank you!

Phone:  250 448 8877                 Toll Free:  1 877 575 8877

We give you more ways to connect so that home seekers can have more choices to find you quickly and easily. Our aim is to become the go to website for buyers to find Developers & Builders new home projects and factory-built homes, Custom Builders and Renovators.

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