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Showcase Your New Home, Renovation, Factory-Built or Custom Build Services

Showcase your new property, custom built home or recent renovation project with your custom listing. Add your listing through the Classic site and your listing will automatically show on the Classic site and on the iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch app.

After you have entered basic property or builder information you can add logos, website addresses, photos, agent contact info, and more.

Created a new neighbourhood?

Let us know the name. Contact us by email to Jessica (at)  and it will be added to our Neighbourhood list.

Also, we encourage you to email us a submission to the About Our Area feature - home seekers are interested to hear from those living in the area as to what they may like best - a special footpath, park, shop, community spirit or personal story about the residents. 

Send a brief email and photo to Jessica (at)  and we'll post it for you!

Care Service

We'd like to make the process easier for busy Developers & Builders, Custom Builders and Renovators by taking care of your listing for you from start to finish with our Care Service. For a nominal fee in addition to the listing fee we will take care of:

    • Initiating the listing from your website's information.

    • We'll contact your sales and marketing staff to get up to date contact information, company & project information.

    • We'll re-format, re-size and upload all photos, renderings, logos, videos and floor plans.

    • We'll ensure you are showing correctly on Google® Maps.

    • We'll enter a new neighbourhood if that's the case and will contact you for a neighbourhood About Our Area comment.

    • We'll manage your Notices.

    • We'll contact you each month to ensure your listing has the current contact info, website links, photos, description and pricing.

    • email us for more information Jessica (at)

Uploading Logos & Website Links

Logos show on the Classic and Mobile websites (new homes only) and the App. The app is New or Reno and is found in the Business section in the iTunes store.

Company logos and website addresses are added in Profile - Update Company Profile. Project logos and website addresses are added through Properties for Sale - Property Manager. You can change logos and website addresses at any time during the term of your listing.

Agent logos may be selected from the list provided under Properties for Sale by choosing Property Manager then Agent/Contact of the appropriate listing.  If the one you require is not there, contact us by email to Jessica (at) and we will upload it for you.  Or, you can type in the info in the box provided.

Real Estate Agents - your personal photo may be placed in image positions 2 through 10 only.

Membership logos for CHBA, Home Warranty logos, Green, or other Award logos may be chosen from our list under Properties for Sale - Property Manager and selecting Images for the property. Not there? Contact us by email to Jessica (at) and we'll add it.

Use a clear jpeg or gif. The thumbnail width is 125 pixels and the height is 100 pixels.

We reserve the right to edit listings.

Uploading Photos

You may upload up to 15 photos through 'Images' in 'Property Manager'. The first photo is a place setter and will show on the 'Search Results' listing, on the 'View Listing' page, on the Map Bubble, on our Mobile site and on our iPhone App. Photos may be changed at any time during your listing.

Sizes: it's best to upload a 3" x 5" or a 4" x 6" photo, or maximum height or width of 340 pixels, or maximum file size of 550 kB. Need help re-sizing? Contact us by email to Jessica (at)

Uploading Videos

Only .mov, .wmv or .flv videos may be uploaded. In plain english: any usual video camera will work. The video will play for 25 seconds. Videos may be changed at any time during the term of your listing.

Uploading Floor or Site Plans or Brochures

A PDF copy of your floor or site plan or sales brochure may be uploaded and changed whenever you need during the term of your listing. You can find this option in Images through Property Manager.

Choosing Features & Amenities

When adding your property you can choose multiple Features & Amenities in some boxes use the [Apple key and click] on a Mac, on a PC use the [Control key and click].

Print Feature

We have configured the Print View Listing to be a feature sheet for your potential customer, but you can print some off for your own use as well!

OpenHouse/Notice Manager

Enter an Open House Notice as often as you need to during the term of your listing. Open House information will not show after the Notice expiry date. Show Home, Presentation or Sales Centre Notices stay on for the term of your listing and may be updated as required.

Ensure you enter the Contact name, phone number (with 1 in front of the area code, ie: 1.250.448.8877), email, and address in the Notice. Contact information will show on:

  • the Listings
  • the Map Bubble
  • the Open House Search
  • our Mobile site 
  • our Classic site
  • and on iPhone® App
On smartphones such as iPhone® and Blackberry®, the phone numbers may be auto-dialed and the emails may be sent with just a click! 

Ensuring Your Listing Shows on the Map

Most addresses will show on the Google™ map immediately. Please check your listing to ensure it shows on the map correctly. However, as Google™ has not mapped all areas, your new subdivision might not show on their mapping system as yet.

We can help you by manually keying in a geo code, otherwise known as a longitude and latitude, for you. We will just need to know the closest established address; Contact us by email to Jessica (at) with this information. Once Google™ has your area mapped, your property will be automatically adjusted. Google has not yet conducted 'street view' in all areas.

Listing Description

The first 150 characters are what Google picks up for their search queries. Include Keywords in your description as customers will use them to refine their Keyword Search - ie: gourmet kitchen, granite, Kohler, Miele appliances, Private School.

Also include SEO words for internet search engines such as Google, Yahoo, etc. to find. For example:

  • If you are selling a Calgary condo, ensure the words "condo" & "Calgary" & "real estate" show in one or two lines of the description.
  • If you have lots to sell close to a major centre such as Saskatoon, include the name of the town where the lots are located & "Saskatoon" & "lots" & "real estate." You'll have greater success with your listing.
  • Finding a balance in the description of your company and property listing is important. Customers will want to go to your website to find out more about your project and more about you!

Texting Service 

The texting service is an automatic feature of each listing - the street address, price number of bedrooms and bathrooms, contact name, phone number and email address will be pushed from our classic website to the text message. You may use the listing number automatically assigned for each listing or you may purchase a vanity name to use on your signage and advertising. At this time the carriers, Bell, Rogers, Telus, etc., allow 136 characters per text message.

Check Your Listing After You Are Finished

Take a look at your listing to ensure it showcases your property just as you wish. Don't forget to look on both sites - Classic and Mobile. Although the Classic and Mobile sites have the same information, you may want to adjust the text or a photo to ensure your property showcases well.
You may only view an iPhone® App listing on an iPad®, iPhone® or iPod® Touch; however, we have built the listing to look very similar to our Mobile site listing. If you need to make changes, do them right away - your customers might already be searching for you! 

Have you Sold Your Property?

Congratulations! Please remember to indicate this on the Property Manager under Update, and a Sold banner will be placed on your listing. The Auto-Renewal will be cancelled. Or, if you prefer, you may change the information to reflect a new unit for the remainder of the term. Seach engines cache your listing information so it is always best to indicate the listing has sold. With FREE listings you can easily add your new project.

Automatic Renewals

You will be notified by email one week before your optional service is to expire and will be given renewal options.
Please refer to our Privacy Policy & Terms of Use for more information.


Please fill in as much information as you can. This will help in the compilation of meaningful statistics for market trends and product inventory. We are currently building this feature. Once built statistical reports will be available to all listers upon request.

Contact Us

Questions or Need Help? Found a glitch on our site? Have a suggestion? Please let us know.

Contact us by email to: karen ( *AT* ) newhomeorrenovate . com

Phone: 1.250.448.8877  

Toll Free: 1.877.575.8877 between 10:00am - 3:00pm PST


*Apple, the Apple logo, iPod, and iTunes are trademarks of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. iPhone is a trademark of Apple Inc. iTunes is for legal or rightholder-authorized copying only. Don’t steal music. 


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